Sanctuary Claremont

A Day of Thanks, Six Months of Giving

Mark NeelyComment

This week marks six months since Sanctuary Coffee opened its doors back in May. From the beginning, Sanctuary has been committed to partnering with charities right in our community to do more than just provide great coffee. One expression of this vision includes our relationship with Inland Valley Hope Partners: for every pound of coffee sold or used in store or online, ten pounds of food is donated through a network of food banks across San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.

Inland Valley Hope Partners works to provide emergency food supplies for over 900,000 meals and some 16,000 nights of shelter and housing assistance annually. In addition they work to provide thousands of pounds of fresh fruit and produce every year.

While the week of Thanksgiving is a reminder to us all of the poverty and need that is very much prevalent in our community, organizations like Inland Valley Hope Partners work to serve families in need throughout all seasons of the year. Together, we have donated 21,787 pounds of food to date, and as we reflect during this week of Thanksgiving, we can't help but to be grateful for the community of Sanctuary Coffee that has embodied this vision to create a more caring and just world. Through all the Congo pour overs, Creme Brûlée Lattes, and bags of Guatemalan beans consumed in homes, together we truly are ‘impacting lives with every cup.’

Click on the link below to find out whats happening through Inland Valley Hope Partners this month, including great opportunities to volunteer and give this holiday season.