Sanctuary Claremont

A Community of [dis]ABILITIES

Mark Neely1 Comment

This past Sunday evening, Sanctuary Coffee hosted a conversation encompassing disability in community. From the beginning, Sanctuary has been committed to being grounds where intentional, meaningful, and transformational conversation takes place. Daily, Sanctuary plays host to serve friends, coworkers, and classmates in conversation, while Community Conversations are intentional evenings set aside to discuss topics that deeply matter in our community, yet often do not have the space to unfold. The beauty of these conversations is that they are not led for our community, but by our community.

Scott Glovsky, Victims’ Rights Attorney and frequenter of Sanctuary Coffee (though he prefers the Earl Grey tea!) and Kristie Burchit, founder of Educate Advocate, led a conversation centered on the importance of disability advocacy as a community. The evening explored personal testimony that incorporated collaborative perspective in becoming a more educated, inclusive, and transformative community—within and beyond the walls of a coffee shop. The conversation presented the opportunity to incorporate disability as a shared experience, contrary to an isolated demographic. The evening was an invitation for anyone to participate in the conversation.

Who do you encounter that lives with different abilities than yourself? If you were to embody their life, what new perspective might you discover? May our community become a sanctuary for all abilities.   

Be looking for future opportunities to join the conversation!

Scott Glovsky, Victims’ Rights Advocate 

Kristie Burchit, Founder of Educate Advocate